Other Services

Drum Kit Setup and Tuning Service

Most drum kits do not come with any setting up or tuning instructions and it can be a daunting and frustrating experience. A well tuned and well set up kit will be a joy to play and will also encourage you to practise.

Repercussion Drum School will be happy to take care of everything you need to get the best sound and set up out of your new acoustic or electronic kit. We provide a professional drum technician service and also offer advice on further maintenance and care.

Drumming and Percussion Workshops for Schools

We provide drumming and percussion workshops for primary and secondary schools that are entertaining, educational and informative. The duration of the workshop is around 60 minutes, but this can be flexible depending on the school's requirements.

Amongst other things, we will show the pupils how and why the drum kit is set up the way it is, the purpose of each voice on the kit, basic grooves, fills and rudiments, different styles of groove for different styles of music and the importance of good timekeeping no matter which instrument you play.

The pupils are encouraged to participate using any percussion instruments available at the school. The workshop finishes with as many pupils as possible playing a collective world groove along with the tutor.

Gigs and Recording Projects

Our tutor is available for all suitable recording or gigging work, and has extensive performing experience, having played in a variety of bands and projects throughout his career (see the "Your Tutor" page for details). Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements.